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By addressing the legacy of abandoned diamond mines, the Peace Diamonds Restoration Initiative offers an opportunity to close the circle and give back to impacted communities.

Degraded, post-mined lands and pits are a development opportunity. Alongside those who know their lands best, we transform these sites from health and safety hazards to hubs for farming, agricultural training, and other forms of communal gathering. Through collaboration and shared learning with locals, the Peace Diamonds Restoration Initiative delivers a tailor-made solution that draws on the unique strengths and needs of each site and its surrounding community.

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Impact Stories

2021 by the numbers

Last year, the Peace Diamonds Restoration Initiative closed the circle on the lasting and harmful impacts of artisanal diamond mining across three chiefdoms in Sierra Leone. here is a snapshot of what we accomplished.
Hectares of rehabilitated land that can support 766 bushels of rice
Farmer-based organizations formed to support women-led land stewardship
Sites selected for restoration
Direct beneficiaries positively imapcted
Average surplus crop yield, valued at nearly $3,000

Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Peace Diamonds Restoration Initiative seeks to protect and reverse land degradation while rehabilitating it for sustainable use, making our work a model for environmental and socioeconomic development while contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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